Caraval By: ​Stephanie Garber- Review

Caraval By: Stephanie Garber THIS REVIEW IS SPOILER FREE I recently read Caraval by Stephanie Garber and it was a wonderful book that sucked me into its world and truly took me away for 4 hours while I was reading it. I finally read it after it being on my TBR for 2 years. Caraval is about this circus/ game that happens every year. Scarlett … Continue reading Caraval By: ​Stephanie Garber- Review

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My Review Policy

I just wanted to repost this as a post itself: MY REVIEW POLICY This is somewhat important so I would make somethings clear from the beginning. No erotica ⇒ nothing extreme I will not read erotic novels. I am Ok with any genre inside young adult. I am not very picky.  (ex. Fantasy, Romance, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ+ and anything else) … Continue reading My Review Policy

My Top 10 Young​ Adult Books

So…finally a post about books. I have read quite a few ya books and  I thought you guys should know some of my favourites. These are only Young Adult books (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson etc. are not included) This is an ever-changing list. They are not in any particular order (except for #1). I will put the summary (from Goodreads) as well. -Letter My Reading … Continue reading My Top 10 Young​ Adult Books

What is This Blog About?​

I realized that I never really specified what the blog would be about. This blog will be focused on books. I will review books, give recommendations and practically anything that has to do with reading or books (if you have any suggestions please comment them below). At this point, you will be wondering about what type of books I will review. I am going to review for the … Continue reading What is This Blog About?​