Guide To Book Lovers “Slang”

Note- These are MY definitions, for some people it might be different. They also aren’t in alphabetical order.


“YA” Books (noun)

YA stands for Young Adult books

I read YA books, not Adult books.


To Be Read – Books that I would like to read

I’m putting (insert book name) on my TBR list, it seems so good.

TBR Pile

Your stack of unread books


Your Goodreads list of TBR books

(Insert book name) was on my TBR pile so long, I just had to read it!!!

DNF (verb)

Did not finish- A book that you didn’t finish after starting it.

I totally hated ( insert book name), I DNFed it after 40 pages.

Book Slump (noun)

When you just don’t want to read books.

I’ve been in a book slump for 4 months now, I CANT READ ANYTHING!!!! I THINK IM GOING NUTS!!!!!

Book Hangover

When you read a book and enjoy it so much that you can’t stop thinking about it even after you’ve finished it.

(Insert book name) gave me a huge book hangover.

Ship (verb)

When you ship 2 characters you want them to be together.

I totally ship (insert character 1) and ( insert character 2). I hope they end up together.


One True Pairing- The one pair that you ship the most and are 2000% meant to be.

(Insert couple) is my OTP. I just love them way too much.


When you are overwhelmed with an unexplainable feeling of happiness, joy , mostly happens when the couple finally gets together

Reading about (insert couple) made me swoon so hard

The Feels

To have the feels are to feel hundreds of different emotions while reading a book.

(Insert book name) gave me the feels. ***Sigh***

Did I miss anything, any words? These are the ones that I personally use the most Thanks for reading. Comment your thoughts and opinions. Have a great day.

-Letter My Reading

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