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My Review Policy

I just wanted to repost this as a post itself: MY REVIEW POLICY This is somewhat important so I would make somethings clear from the beginning. No erotica ⇒ nothing extreme I will not read erotic novels. I am Ok with any genre inside young adult. I am not very picky.  (ex. Fantasy, Romance, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ+ and anything else) … Continue reading My Review Policy

BROKEN THRONE- The End of Red Queen.

IT HAS A TITLE!!!!!!!!! IT  WILL BE RELEASED ON MAY 7TH 2019, DOWN BELOW I HAVE A COUNTDOWN TO THE DATE! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE RED QUEEN SERIES IN ITS ENTIRETY DO NOT READ THIS!!!!!!!!! THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!! YOU WERE WARNED!!!!!! This is my MOST ANTICIPATED read for 2019. It’s a pretty late post but the read queen short stories officially have … Continue reading BROKEN THRONE- The End of Red Queen.