My Review Policy

I just wanted to repost this as a post itself:


This is somewhat important so I would make somethings clear from the beginning.

  1. No erotica ⇒ nothing extreme I will not read erotic novels.
  2. I am Ok with any genre inside young adult. I am not very picky.  (ex. Fantasy, Romance, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ+ and anything else)
  3. I will try not to be too harsh in a review. If I really dislike a book, I will make it clear but I will try not to bash a book. I know that there is always someone who likes a certain book and I know it feels bad when someone hates on your favourite book. I will try to write 2 good things about every book that I do not like so that everyone is happy. I would love to know your opinions. If I did not like a book you love I am curious to know why.
  4. I want constructive criticism so that I can be better at this.
  5. This I feel is the most important. I will be 100% honest. If I like or dislike a book I will not be dishonest about it. if I dislike a popular book I will be honest about it.

Thank you very much, I hope that you come back to My blog.

-Letter My Reading

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