What is This Blog About?​

I realized that I never really specified what the blog would be about. This blog will be focused on books. I will review books, give recommendations and practically anything that has to do with reading or books (if you have any suggestions please comment them below).

At this point, you will be wondering about what type of books I will review. I am going to review for the most part young adult books. There may be some exceptions but I will focus on reading and reviewing young adult books. Young adult is a great genre and has many good books. If you have a favourite book or series please comment it below I would love to have some ideas to start with.

My Goodreads was started at the same time as the blog so at the moment it is empty. I will fill it with my books soon and what I am reading at the moment. The Goodreads link at the bottom of the page (or side depending on your device) will take you to my account.

I also have another blog on blogger ( same content ) so feel free to check it out with this link:




This is somewhat important so I would make somethings clear from the beginning.

  1. No erotica ⇒ nothing extreme I will not read erotic novels.
  2. I am Ok with any genre inside young adult. I am not very picky.  (ex. Fantasy, Romance, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Mystery, Thriller, Historical Fiction, LGBTQ+ and anything else)
  3. I will try not to be too harsh in a review. If I really dislike a book, I will make it clear but I will try not to bash a book. I know that there is always someone who likes a certain book and I know it feels bad when someone hates on your favourite book. I will try to write 2 good things about every book that I do not like so that everyone is happy. I would love to know your opinions. If I did not like a book you love I am curious to know why.
  4. I want constructive criticism so that I can be better at this.
  5. This I feel is the most important. I will be 100% honest. If I like or dislike a book I will not be dishonest about it. if I dislike a popular book I will be honest about it.

Thank you very much, I hope that you come back to My blog.

-Letter My Reading

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